Voopoo Vinci 40w Pod Kit (2ml)


Introducing the most anticipated vape kit of 2019. You don’t want to miss out on this one!

Postal Weight: 230g

Postal Size: Small Parcel

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The Vinci pod kit by Voopoo has burst onto the market and has rapidily set the standard for what a high-end pod device is all about.

Thanks to its compatibilty to work with various PnP coils it suits a wide range of vaping preferences and vape juices. The Vinci kit also benefits from a built-in 1500mAh battery to keep you going throughout your day.

The adjustable wattage setting means you can be sure to have the ultimate vaping experience by combining the right coil with the right wattage and your favourite vape juice.

The Vinci kit has adjustable airflow by simply taking the pod out and flipping it 180°. Not only this but the Vinci kit is fitted with Voopoo’s intelligent Gene chip which keeps your device running at the optimum setting and it contains smart technology that can automatically recognise a certain coil and it will adjust the wattage to the setting that is best for the coil. Also, it will not let you run the kit at a higher wattage than is suitable for the coil to prevent the coil from being burn’t out quicker. Pretty impressive right? 

Moving on to the design, as soon as you get one of these kits in your hand you’ll quickly see that this kit is as premium and high end as it gets. The pictures definately don’t do it any justice so if you think these kits look great online, just wait until you get your hands on one! It has a smart, shiny finish and well placed buttons that have a nice touch to them.

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Weight 230 g

Ink, Jade Green, Peacock, Scarlet, Space Grey