Smok Nord Kit Vaping Device

Introducing the SMOK Nord electronic vaping device




Beautiful Tactile Design

The Smok Nord is a pod system electronic device which is button triggered, the unit has a large battery capacity.

The unit now has an improved mouthpiece with a duck bill design featuring a lip curve to perfectly fit your mouth offering the perfect user experience.

The size of the Nord is 94mm x 30mm x 18.8mm, which make it easy to slip in your your pockets and bags. Wherever you go Nord will be your descreet companion.


There’s a LED light on the button, press it twice to activate.

Red light will come on when the battery power is lower than 30%, the orange light will come on when the power is between 30% to 70% and green light will  appear when the power is between 70% to 100%. Depending on the different colors you will clearly know the status of your battery.

Anti counterfeit Technology to Combat Fakes

Non of us like fakes, they dont offer a good user experience, are poor quality so they never last long and more importantly they can be down right dangerous. The Smok Nord has laser marking technology and is extremely sophisticated for your protection. The high precision laser technology has more than 80,000 DPI and provides the highest level of anti counterfeit security available. With this technology consumers can immediately tell a genuine Smok Nord from a fake.

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