The Benefits

The Benefits of an Electronic Cigarette

Regular Cigarettes v Electronic
It’s a misconception believed by many that  nicotine in regular cigarettes causes cancer. Nicotine is the addictive drug that keeps smokers going back for more time and time again, it’s only one of hundreds of drugs and toxic chemicals contained in regular cigarettes.

It is the delivery of these toxins and drugs into the system which can cause cancer. With an Electronic Cigarette they simply deliver a low dose of nicotine but no tar or other carcinogenic substances.

They are deemed to be as safe as nicotine patches or nicotine gum.

What Smoking Ban?
This is a completely legal way of smoking indoors anywhere. The smoking ban only applies to tobacco products which produce smoke and are lit by a naked flame, e-cigarettes  have neither so using them means you have the freedom to smoke whenever and wherever you want.

Both individuals and companies can now enjoy an increase in productivity having removed the need for employees to leave the office for a cigarette, or popping out into the garden for a smoke.  There is no smell of tobacco or cigarette smoke to bother others and no need to worry about passive smoking.

Someone who smokes 20 regular cigarettes per day can expect to save well over £2000 per year, amounting to over £100,000 during the course of a lifetime!

Improved Health
Without any tar in your lungs you will notice improvements in your stamina and the smokers cough will disappear. After 6 months your lungs will be almost the equivalent of a non smoker.

Fire Hazard
Lots of people die every year because of fires caused by regular cigarettes. You will be ensuring your family and friends health.

Protect both yours and others health now and just give it a try, you’ll be pleased you did!